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Cookie Statement

Version 1.0
Date: 16 July 2021


  1. General
  2. What are cookies?
  3. Which cookies require my consent, and how can I grant it?
  4. What cookies does Topsportslab use?
    1. Strictly necessary cookies
    2. Analytic cookies
  5. 5. How do I manage my cookie preferences?
    1. Via the platform
    2. Via the browser
  6. Modifications

1. General

Topsportslab NV (in the following "Topsportslab", "we", "us") on its platform makes use of cookies and comparable technologies. With this Cookie Statement, we want to inform you as a visitor regarding the manner in which we use cookies on our platform. This Cookie Statement is applicable to the platform of Topsportslab with the web address https://app.topsportslab.com/.

Besides this Cookie Statement, Topsportslab also provides a Privacy Statement, of which this Cookie Statement is an integral part and you can consult it here. In this Privacy Statement, we clarify (1) what personal data we can collect by using cookies, (2) the legal grounds applied for the use of cookies, and (3) the general purposes of our use of cookies. For said information, and for other information about the processing of your personal data in general and your rights concerning we therefore refer to that document. You can find explanations about your rights and options of complaint more specifically under titles 10 and 11 of our Privacy statement.

If you were still to have questions regarding this Cookie Statement, you can always contact us via the contact details below:

Topsportslab NV
Siemenslaan 6 bus 4
3650 Dilsen-Stokkem

2. What are cookies?

Cookies are tiny data files that are stored on your computer or mobile device by the internet browser when you visit a website or when you make use of a (mobile) application. They function as a type of reminder for a website. Thanks to cookies, our platform can keep track of specific information about our visitors and their surfing behaviour in a simple manner. By the term "cookies", we also intend technologies that are comparable to cookies, such as pixels, plug-ins, and certain scripts, as these may collect information on you as well.

Cookies can be placed both by Topsportslab itself ("first-party cookies") and by third parties ("third-party cookies"). Third-party cookies make sure that certain data as a result of your visit to or your use of our platform are transmitted to the third party that placed the cookies.

Cookies sometimes are placed for the duration of your browsing session ("session cookies", these are removed when you close the browser) and sometimes for a longer term ("persistent" cookies, these remain in place until they lapse or you delete them).

3. Which cookies require my consent, and how can I grant it?

Topsportslab for the provision of its platform distinguishes the following types of cookies: (1) strictly necessary cookies, (2) analytic cookies.

The use of strictly necessary cookies does not depend on your consent as a visitor and is required for the proper functioning of our website or, where relevant, to provide you with services that you have expressly requested. This is why you cannot reject these cookies.

Before we place any other cookies on your device, we ask for your prior consent via our cookie banner. For the use of these additional cookies, you can always, completely or partially, withdraw your permission again. How to do this concretely we explain under title 5.

4. What cookies does Topsportslab use?

As stated above, on our website Topsportslab makes use of the following types of cookies: (1) strictly necessary cookies, (2) analytic cookies (3) marketing cookies, and (4) other cookies.

We give a general description of these four types of cookies below.

For every type of cookie, below we also provide a list of the specific cookies that are activated on our website and that fall under this category, along with their purposes and technical properties.

4.1 Strictly necessary cookies

Included in the strictly necessary cookies on the one hand are technically essential cookies, and functional cookies on the other.

Technically essential cookies are required for purely technical reasons to enable communications between your device and our website.

Functional cookies, on the other hand, make sure that the basic functionalities of our website work properly. These cookies are only placed after you as a visitor have taken a certain action on our website (e.g., click on the acceptance button of the cookie banner).

You cannot reject the use of technically essential and functional cookies, because they are necessary for security and for the proper operating of the basic functionalities of our website. In any event, these cookies are only saved on your device to exercise the functions indicated above, so that the impact on your privacy is minor.

Name Domain Lifespan Purpose
topsportslabapp First-party Session Session cookie of the Topsportslab platform. Helps the platform identify the session associated with the user. This cookie expires when the user closes the session, or 1 hour after logging in if the user has not chosen the option "Remember me" during login.
topsportslab[refresh] First-party 72 days Keeps the user logged in, so that on subsequent visits within the specified period, login data does not have to be provided again. In this way, the user is immediately recognized by the platform and is given access. This cookie is only set if the user explicitly requests this service by checking the box next to “Remember my session” when logging in.
topsportslab[cookie_banner] First-party 72 days Tracks when the user should be prompted again to update cookie preferences. Used to control the cookie banner.
topsportslab[default_season] First-party 72 days Causes the platform to filter by a default season chosen by the user. As soon as the user switches from one season to another, this cookie will be set to ensure that the user does not have to switch to a desired season after extending the current session.

4.2 Analytic cookies

Analytic cookies enable us to find out more about the manner in which you as a visitor deal with, and how you respond to, the content of website. In this manner, we can render our website even more attractive and user-friendly. The information in question is used to create and analyse statistics at a total level regarding the use of our website.

Name Domain Lifespan Purpose
_ga First-party 2 years This cookie is installed by Google Analytics. The cookie is used to calculate visitor, session, campaign data and keep track of site usage for the site's analytics report. The cookies store information anonymously and assign a randomly generated number to identify unique visitors.
_gid First-party 1 day This cookie is installed by Google Analytics. The cookie is used to store information of how visitors use a website and helps in creating an analytics report of how the website is doing. The data collected including the number visitors, the source where they have come from, and the pages visted in an anonymous form.
_gat_gtag_UA_{userid} First-party 1 min This cookie is set by Google and is used to distinguish users.
i sp.tinymce.com Session Pixel to register the speed and performance of the wysiwyg-editors of the platform.

5. How do I manage my cookie preferences?

In the following is clarified how you can manage your cookie preferences. As the strictly necessary cookies, as listed above under title 4.1, are required for the functioning of our website, these cannot be deactivated.

5.1 Via the platform

You can modify your cookie preferences at any time via the following link:

Manage your cookie preferences

On this page, you will be shown a summary of the types of cookies that Topsportslab makes use of. Per type of cookie, besides the strictly necessary cookies, you have the option to allow it or not. To accept a type of cookie, you slide the option button along the relevant type of cookie towards the 'on' side. To reject a type of cookie, you slide the option button along the relevant type of cookie towards the 'off' side. As soon as you save your choice, the Topsportslab platform will place the accepted cookies.

In addition, the cookie banner will appear every 72 days a new to renew your consent, or to confirm the absence thereof.

5.2 Via the browser

In addition, you can adjust your cookie preferences via your browser. In this manner, you can indicate yourself whether certain cookies may be placed, and you can choose the settings on your browser so as to display a message when a cookie is placed. Besides, you can remove cookies manually as well via the option that allows you to delete your browser history. You can find more information about this on the pages below, depending on the browser you use:

The removal or deactivation of cookies may result in certain applications of our website and additional services not functioning optimally.

6. Modifications

We reserve ourselves the right to unilaterally modify our Cookie Statement at any time. Each modified version is available on-line and can be found on our website. As from the time of publication, the modified Cookie Statement is instantly applicable. If we thereby have implemented new cookies on our website, we will ask for your consent again, if required. You can find the date on which our Cookie Statement was modified most recently at the top of this page.

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